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Hydrocolon therapy


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Hydrocolon therapy

The cleaning of the large intestine by irrigation is a very old method. The modern form of this technique has been developed in the USA. Today, it is a common part of both prevention and therapy. It helps overcome consequences of inappropriate lifestyle, incorrect regime, often also the impact of modern medicines, especially antibiotics, on the intestinal microflora. In this respect, the hydrocolon therapy offers completely unique and significant help.

What is hydrocolon therapy?
Hydrocolon therapy is the cleaning of the large intestine by repeated water irrigation, by which the conditions for renewal of its normal function are created. It is a technique when filtered water is infused into the large intestine. The treatment is carried out gently, alternatively by hot and cold water with the accompanying massage of the abdomen. The dissolving effects of water and simultaneously hot and cold irritation of the intestine cause that the slack intestine starts working again and shifts accumulated and stagnant intestinal content. 

How does hydrocolon therapy work?
It removes accumulated stool, toxins and putrefactive substances from bends of the intestine. It releases mechanically hardened pieces of stool stuck to the intestinal wall. It regulates the internal environment of the intestine (pH). It eliminates parasites. It relaxes pathological contractions of the intestinal muscles and tones up the intestinal mucosa. In this way, it improves the movement of the intestine, thus positively influencing the conditions of chronic constipation. Further, it helps with the treatment of the intestine caused by pathologic bacteria and fungi. 

For whom is hydrocolon therapy suitable?
1. As part of the intestinal hygiene for everybody who is interested in avoiding diseases of the large intestine. The intestinal diseases can result in flooding the organism with poisons of its own metabolism which will show themselves not only in the intestine, but in the whole organism, with symptoms of gradual loss of vitality, fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, aggressiveness and sleep disorder.

2. In case of apparent diseases of the intestine: 
• in case of chronic constipation 
• in case of chronic diarrhoea 
• in case of parasitic diseases 

3. In case of diseases that do not relate to the intestinal condition at first sight, but the cause of which can lie in the violated function of the intestine. These diseases include:
• rheumatic diseases 
• polyarthritis 
• allergies
• migraines

4. Prevention of the large intestine cancer 
• high blood pressure 
• repeated infections as a result of the violated immunity
• in case of liver and kidneys disorders caused by toxic substances originated in the sick intestine

How many irrigations are necessary?
The necessary number of irrigations is individual and depends on the intestinal condition. 
• For the preventive treatment as part of the intestinal hygiene, 3 -5 irrigations are recommended within one month. 
• In case of assumed intestinal pathology, such as constipation, diarrhoea, in case of any disorder of intestinal flora or fungal intestinal disease, 9 irrigations and more are recommended. 
• As prevention, it is appropriate to take part in this treatment regularly at least once a year. 
• In case of pathologic conditions, according to the doctor’s recommendation. 

What is still possible to do after hydrocolon therapy in order to renew the normal function of the intestine?
• to change eating habits for a long time so that the intestine is overloaded as least as possible 
• pay increased attention to the intestinal condition, especially after violating the natural bacterial settlement of the intestine with its subsequent settlement by pathological bacteria or fungi. 
• after consulting an expert, to use preparations helping settlement of the intestine by bacteria occurring naturally in the intestine 
• improve the intestinal lymphatic circulation by means of special massages 
• take part in a series of reflex massages 
• check the energetic condition of the intestine by means of EAV examination

Several practical information before the starting of therapy:
Before this therapy, we recommend a certain change in meals. Avoid food digestible with difficulties, include easily digestible food, preferably mushy meals, we recommend soups, sauces, vegetables – preferably stewed. Avoid laxatives. Before irrigations we recommend you to try to empty yourself naturally, add liquids. 
We do not recommend: Meals about which you know that are flatulent for you; a bigger amount of vegetables or fruits, spices slowing down passage or thickening stool. We do not recommend starving before this therapy. 

How is this cleaning performed?
It is performed in a nice environment, when the patient is lying on a comfortable bed the positions of which can be changed electrically. While the patient is lying on his side, a plastic tube is inserted into him rectally to which the supply hose and the discharge hose are connected. Then the patient is lying on his back and water is infused into the large intestine (alternately hot and cold water). The cycle is repeated according to the client’s individual condition, circa 3 times to 4 times. The whole procedure takes circa 45 to 50 minutes (it depends on the intestinal condition). After the therapy is finished, sanitary facility is at disposal to the patient. Following the therapy, it is better not to plan any physically demanding activity, you can feel slight fatigue. With respect to the fact that during the following 1 - 2 hours the emptying reflex can be increased, it is better to stay near WC. 

Intestinal diseases 
• Constipation 
• Diarrhoea 
• Dermatosis 
• Divertikulitis 
• lntestinaloxemia 
• Cleaning of colostomy
• Parasitic infection 
• Tympanites 
• Atonic colon 
• Crohn’s disease 
• Ulcerous colitis 
• Acute constipation 
• Chronic constipation 
• Hyper- and hypothermia
• Frequent fatigue and weakness 
• Frequent flatulence and tympanites 
• Excessive weight 
• Allergies to various kinds of food 
• Oversensitivity, irritation of the large intestine 
• Sensitiveness, moodiness 
• Contamination with parasites 
• Frequent colds 
• Repeated headaches 
• Syndrome of easily irritated colon (18S) 
• Concave or bloated abdomen
• Skin problems, rashes, eczema, etc.
• Infection Candida albicans

• Pregnancy 
• Acute intestinal inflammation 
• Serious heart diseases 
• Severe intestinal inflammation 
• Recent surgery of colon

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